In August 1922 during the destruction of Asia Minor the residents of Marmara of Propontida lived the migration from the land where they were born and bought up. They lived for 2 years at Lake Eviasand then settled in N.Marmara that reminded them of the old Marmara.
Above N.Marmara on the mountain, there was a village, Parthenonas with approximately 500 people, which after the settlement of the Marmarinon came down and settled in with them. From then N.Marmaras has become an attractive village due to its beauty and services that provides to its residents, visitors and tourists.

Like every village N.Marmaras has its customs and traditions.

- On 27/07 there is a festival held at Parthenona and on the 29/08 there is a festival in N.Marmara
- On Kathara Deftera (clean Monday), all the village gathers in an area a little outside of N.Marmara called Nisia (islands) and eat seafood, fly kites and have a good time.
- On the 1st of May everyone gathers up on the mountain in an area called Askamnia and there they enjoy him or her selves roasting lamb on a spit.
- (40) days after Easter in N.Marmara there is a performance of a traditional wedding organized, from old Marmara.